Artists & Design Notes

Below is information about the designs in our range, some of the themes, artists, writers and painters that feature in the products.

Alphonse Mucha

Alfons Maria Mucha was a Czech Art Nouveau painter (1860 - 1939).  He produced many illustrations, advertisements and postcards.  One of his most famous pieces is of the stage poster he produced for the actress Sarah Bernhardt for her play Gismonda.  His items are generally of ladies in flowing robes, lush flowers and halos around their head.  Stunning designs which will add a decorative touch to your work.


Andy Warhol

Andy Warhol (1928-87) was a prominent American artist of the twentieth century.  Known for his stunning visual images and original ideas.  We hope this inspires you in your work. 


Baro Sarre

A colourful artist who combines African Art with Greek Mosaics to create eye catching designs.  


C F Voysey

A designer (1857 – 1941) in textiles and wallpaper who also became an architect designing country houses. His houses were of a plain style but then the interior decorative elements were colourful – walls and tables were decorated with flowers, dragons and seahorses. He was awarded the Royal Institute of British Architecture Royal Gold Medal a year before his death.  Put some decorative touches in your office life with the items in this range.


Chantal Thomass

Chantal is a French lingerie designer and this range of stationery features her colourful and vibrant designs.  


Charles Rennie Mackintosh

A Scottish designer known for his distinctive and graceful style (1868 – 1928) and who was one of the main exponents of the Art Nouveau movement. His key design was a contrast between strong right angles and floral inspired decorative motifs with subtle curves – for instance the Mackintosh Rose motif.  Some of his best known designs were for the tea rooms of Catherine Cranston in Glasgow and indeed you can still visit The Willow Tearooms in Glasgow today. The products in this range are truly distinctive and graceful and will help you complete your dull office tasks in a much more inspired manner!


Country Garden

A range of stationery which take their inspiration from flowers, plants or picnics in the garden.  Dream of hazy summers as you toil away in the office tackling paperwork!


Elle Fashion

A range of stationery celebrating the style, fashion and elegance of Elle Magazine.  Originally from France this magazine is available worldwide and is the place to pick up the latest trends and fashions.  


Galison Stationery

Galison are a company based in New York who have a range of stylish stationery which focus on bringing art to life through cards and stationery.  The stationery has beautiful designs and adds an elegance to your desk.


Gustav Klimt

An Austrian artist from the Art Nouveau period known for his eclectic designs.  With beautiful colours this will breathe new life into your office work.  


John James Audubon

An American bird artist (1785 - 1851) known for his illustrations of birds in their natural habitats.  Beautiful watercolour style illustrations with rich colours showing birds in flight.  We have a paperweight featuring a bird design to secure your papers.  


Knock Knock Stationery

Very original and witty design is the theme running through this office stationery which will lift any jaded spirits as you tackle items on the to do list.


Lily McGee

A stationery design house from the United States which is also known as Lady Jayne Ltd.  This stationery range is colourful and finished to a high standard.  Many of their stationery features a bow ribbon finish so they make lovely gifts or for items on the office desk to spoil yourself with. 



The French Impressionist Claude Monet's (1840 – 1926) work reflected the ever changing impact of light and weather conditions. Some of best known work was produced at his house in Giverny, France and reflected the elaborate gardens he created. Be elaborate and bold with the products in this range.


Paul Stuber

An artist who uses water spray colours to create eye catching designs on stationery.  


Punch Studios

Featuring distinctive and decorative designs, beautiful stationery from the design house Punch Studio based in California, USA.  These items will really add style and luxury to your paperwork and environment.


Rossi 1931

Founded in 1931 by Antonio Rossi, this design house is based in Florence, Italy and produces decorative and elegant stationery.  They embody the use of creativity, artisan skills and technical ability to ensure their products are finished to a high standard.


Romero Britto

A Brazilian artist known for his pop art designs.  Very colourful and eye catching this will add a very decorative touch to your paperwork.


Sandro Botticelli

An Italian renaissance painter (20 April 1446 - 17 May 1510) known for his work from the Golden Age in Florence, Italy.  We have a paperweight featuring his famous Birth of Venus design.


Sea Gems

A company based in the Celtic Port of Marazion in Cornwall designs the pens, letter openers and pill boxes featured on our site.  The products selected evoke the design of Medieval History and separately the era of Charles Rennie Mackintosh.  Stylish, unique and classical items which are beautiful to own and give.



The Suffragette movement was renowned for securing the Vote for Women.  A set of stationery featuring classic images and mottos from this movement is available.  Ideal for inspiration in tackling tough matters needing a passionate heart.